Yachts Sale and Purchase

Yachts Sale and Purchase

We assist and advise buyers, sellers, brokers and ship managers relating to vessel or Yacht transfers (Yacht Sale or Yacht Purchase).

We intervene at the onset of the negotiation phase for the Memorandum of Agreement up to the signing of the Bill of Sale. Our firm has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

  • Negotiation of the Memorandum and Bill of Sal
  • Vessel Financing
  • Creation of a One-Ship Company
  • Advice on the Vessel’s Mode of Operation
  • Advice on the Vessel’s Tax Status
Yachts sales and purchasing expertise

We advise and assist you in creating a company devoted to acquiring and operating your vessel.

Our firm will draft and negotiate your Memorandum of Agreement and Bill of Sale. We monitor the progression from the establishment of suspensive conditions up until the completion of the transaction by the signing of the Bill of Sale.

We also offer escrow services through our CARPA account. During this phase, we contact potential creditors of the vessel to ensure that there are no debts on the vessel being transferred. Our intervention provides the buyer with legal certainty that is essential for the pursuit of his project.

We intervene in the realm of vessel financing with a mortgage or a leasing contract, taking into consideration aspects relating to ship registration and the registration of maritime mortgages.

We have a network of partners allowing us to register mortgages, including foreign flags.

We also assist shipowners with advice on the vessel’s status in relation to its mode of operation.

In particular, we help determine the vessel’s status according to its activity and its sailing area.

We advise the shipowner on the tax status to be adopted, especially in regards to the VAT, the Domestic Consumption Tax on Energy Products (TICPE) and the “Francisation” and Navigation rights, or the Passport rights on vessels.

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