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Activity in the Maritime Public Domain

Activity in the Maritime Public Domain

We assist administrators of the maritime public domain (municipalities, marinas) in establishing occupancy agreements for the maritime public domain.

We also intervene in the interests of occupants ousted from the maritime public domain (beach concessions, shipyard owners).

  • Advice and Disputes on Occupancy Agreements in the Maritime Public Domain
  • Advice and Disputes on the End of Concession Contracts for Yacht Harbours
Areas of Intervention

Our firm provides advice and litigation services related to occupancy agreements in the maritime public domain.

As such, we consult with the Council on the terms and conditions for the transfer of berth occupancy contracts.

We act in the interests of those occupying the maritime public domain following the termination of their occupancy agreement (warranty of use, farm-out agreement, temporary occupancy agreements, public service delegations).

We have particularly invested in managing the end of concessions in yacht harbours. And notably, we intervene for the termination of farm-out agreements at the end of a yacht harbour concession.

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