Ship arrest

Yacht and vessel arrest

Our firm intervenes to secure ship receivables resulting from vessel operations. We rapidly take action throughout all seaboards to immobilise a vessel in order to guarantee recovery of a maritime claim. Ship arrest is a complex procedure that requires great responsiveness. Our firm has more than twenty years of experience in ship arrest and executory arrest procedures. We have a network of partners in all countries that have seaboards in order to proceed with a ship arrest overseas.

  • Ship Arrest
  • Release of Ship Arrest
  • Auction of Vessels
  • Executory Ship Arrest
  • Judicial Sale of Ships
  • Maritime Mortgage and Lien
Yacht and vessel arrest
Areas of Intervention

Ship arrest is sometimes the only way to ensure recovery of a maritime debt held against a foreign debtor whose only asset subject to seizure is the ship.

We intervene both on the basis of the Brussels Convention of 10 May 1952 and the Transport Code in order to proceed with a ship arrest to guarantee the payment of a maritime claim.

Our firm also pursues claims to obtain court orders for the sale of a vessel. This procedure leads to the auction of the vessel in order to satisfy creditors having claims on the ship being arrested.

We intervene in the interests of shipowners whose vessel has been arrested in order to contest the seizure. We also conduct negotiations with the seizing creditor in view of procuring a release of the arrested ship. In this regard, we advise shipowners on the guarantees that can substitute for a ship arrest (bank guarantee, escrow agreement).

Our firm can represent you for ship auctions within the jurisdiction of the Courts of Law.

We organise the procedure in order to assure the public auction of ships and pleasure vessels placed in the care of maritime professionals to be repaired, maintained, stored or safeguarded.

We also intervene in the interests of yacht harbours in the context of forfeiture of property rights for abandoned vessels.

We have expertise in implementing maritime mortgages and maritime liens. We ensure that the mortgage holder or the preferred creditor is able to exercise his resale right and his preferential right. This action allows recovery of the debt resulting from the registration of a maritime mortgage or one of the maritime liens resulting from Article L.5114-8 of the Transport Code or international conventions.

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