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Business Law

Commercial Law

You wish to hire a brokerage lawyer, charter lawyer, VAT lawyer or a lawyer specialized in business law?

Our firm intervenes at all stages of the contractual relationship between companies and their partners or clients (negotiation and drafting of contracts, litigation management, etc.).

In particular, we intervene for commercial disputes, debt collection, breach of contract, contingency negotiation, termination and resolution of commercial contracts.

Brokerage lawyer

Transfer and Sale of Businesses

We assist purchasers and sellers of businesses in carrying out business transfers: pre-acquisition audits, negotiation and drafting of the preliminary sales agreement, escrow assignment, drafting of business deeds of transfer, audit and drafting of the occupancy title, post-transfer formalities, etc.

We are developing specific expertise in the transfer of maritime companies and especially for companies operating in the public maritime domain.

Charter lawyer

Insolvency Procedures

We assist maritime companies in dealing with their difficulties and restructuring operations.

We represent companies in difficulty in insolvency procedures such as ad hoc arbitration, conciliation, safeguard procedures, administrative receivership procedures, compulsory liquidation procedures, and more generally liability litigation related to bankruptcy proceedings).

VAT lawyer

Corporate Law

We are able to assist you in carrying out operations relating to the corporate management of your company :

  • Incorporation,
  • Dissolution,
  • Liquidation,
  • Capital operations,
  • Transfer of registered office,
  • Change of company name,
  • etc.
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