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Events at Sea

Events at Sea

We have developed recognized expertise in settling disputes related to events at sea, whether it concern a maritime collision or maritime assistance.

  • Shipwreck, Vessel Recovery
  • Collision
  • Maritime Assistance
  • Bodily Injury
Areas of Intervention

We assist shipowners following the sinking or grounding of their ship. In particular, we represent the shipowner before the acting civil and judicial authorities following a shipwreck (The French Marine Casualties Investigation Board-BEAmer, Maritime Court). We also advise the shipowner on the steps to be taken following an accident at sea (BIMCO-type contract for towing and salvage, contract for re-floating operations).

We advise shipowners who have provided assistance to another vessel. We determine the basis and the process for recovering the maritime assistance claim.

Our firm intervenes in disputes related to maritime collisions during navigation or at anchor. Our evaluation leads to expert advice on determining responsibility through application of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs).

We also secure the maritime claim corresponding to the damage the vessel suffered after the collision.

We assist victims of sea events who have incurred bodily harm.

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