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Inland Waterway Transport

Inland Waterway Transport

Our firm has developed extensive expertise in advice and litigation involving the transport of goods by ship. We intervene at all stages of vessel operations for those used for the transport of goods by inland waterways.

  • Ship Arrest
  • Disputes with Administrators of the Fluvial Domain
  • Disputes Relating to Inland Waterway Transport
  • Registration of Your Vessel of More of Than 20 Tons
  • Advice for Inland Waterway Transport Companies
Nos compétences

We assist you in recovering your accounts receivable through proceedings of ship arrest. We also intervene in the interests of creditors holding an executory title in order to proceed with an executory arrest of the vessel.

We assist boat operators in order to advise and assist them with the registration of their vessel (registration formalities, change of ownership, navigation titles, deregistration, river mortgage registration, etc.).

We assist boat operators in their disputes with administrators of the fluvial domain (collisions with channel locks and navigation markers, irregular occupation of the fluvial domain, disputes relating to boat moorings, etc.).

We advise inland waterway transport companies on how to develop their activities (assistance in creating companies, formalities for registration in the registry of the French cargo and freight establishment: Chambre Nationale de la Batellerie Artisanale (CNBA), or in the commercial register, drafting of time charter limitation contracts, voyage charter or tonnage contracts, drafting of contracts of carriage, etc.).

We intervene in disputes relating to inland waterway transport (recording and reporting of damages that occur during transport, action for liability arising from transport, action for payment of freight, etc.).

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