Taxation and Maritime Customs

Taxation and Maritime Customs

We provide advice and litigation services relating to the vessel’s tax situation.

We advise shipowners on the VAT regime applicable to their vessel’s situation.

  • VAT Status of the Vessel
  • Customs Inspection
  • Vessel Status Relating to TICPE Payment
Areas of Intervention

We assist you in determining your vessel’s status, especially concerning the applicable tax and customs regime (VAT exemption for merchant vessels referred to in Article 262 of the General Tax Code, Customs Procedures for Temporary Admissions).

We advise you on the tax regime applicable to your ship’s supplies, especially concerning payment of the TICPE (establishment of cruise contracts, verification of the vessel’s commercial viability).

We assist you during inspections by the French Customs Coastguard, which can carry out inspections based on the means of transport, persons, transported goods, ship documents and compliance with tax regulations.

We assist you during all out-of-court and litigation phases following a customs inspection.

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