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Maritime Insurance

Maritime Insurance

We intervene in the interests of shipowners for claims handling following an event at sea. Whether it be a total loss or partial damage, our firm advises and assists shipowners vis-à-vis the ship’s insurer and the P&I.

In particular, we organise joint amicable assessments in order to preserve the possibility of appeal by the shipowner in case warranties are rejected by the insurer or recovery of damage is not guaranteed by the insurance policy.

  • Rejection of Warranty Claims by the Ship’s Insurance
  • Liability and Damage Insurance
Areas of Intervention

Our firm represents shipowners in disputes with their ship’s insurer following a refusal to cover a claim. We intervene as soon as the loss or damage occurs in order to preserve the shipowner’s rights.

We intervene on administrative appeals and to litigate against the person liable for the damage in the capacity of civil liability insurer for the shipowner (general liability insurer, P&I Club).

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