Land Conveyance and Inland Waterway Transport

Land conveyance is an indispensable mode of transportation, whether it is in the form of short-distance transport or part of an international, or even intercontinental, transport operation. In France, road, rail, and inland waterway transport all comprise Land conveyance. Road haulage is an economical and practical service, especially with regards to short and medium distances. The price is low compared to other types of transportation, and it enables the parties to accomplish a door-to-door transport. Rail transport is also of great interest, even though its rate of growth is lesser than it has been in past years, at least when it comes to France. Land conveyance in general is of considerable importance to commerce and to the nation’s economy. It is in fact essential in order to keep them in good working order.

Inland waterway transport, an important branch of land conveyance according to French law, is at present experiencing an increase in importance. Its role in the transport of goods in Europe is major, and yet there is still room for growth in this branch. It is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation which proposes solutions to problems relating to pollution and energy consumption, its rates being considerably lower than those of road haulage. Transport by inland waterway is also an excellent method of reducing the noise pollution and gas emissions that are an inevitable part of road haulage. Inland water transport is noted for its high degree of safety, as waterways are more secure than the roads and railways that comprise the other branches of land conveyance. This type of transportation is also known to be highly reliable. In addition, it is not subject to the congestion inherent to road traffic today. This is one of the reasons for which the capacity of growth of waterway transport is superior to that of road haulage today. This form of transportation is an effective and practical alternative to certain aspects of road and rail carriage. Inland water transport is the mode of transportation of the future. It takes into account ecological and environmental concerns, all while being efficient and competitive when it comes to price.

We can help you :

  • Draw up and modify contracts of carriage
  • Conclude and draw up time, voyage, and tonnage charter parties
  • Proceed with the recording and the denunciation of damages incurred during transport
  • Institute proceedings in liability arising from loading and discharge operations
  • Institute proceedings in payment of freight
  • Carry out the registration of your inland waterway transport business at the CNBA or at the commercial register
  • Register your vessel of more than 20 tons
  • Obtain inland waterway mortgages
  • With any other problem or query relating to land conveyance

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