Register at the rif - The french international register

The french international register is an international register for french commercial vessels and pleasure yachts. It provides your vessel with a french nationality and numerous advantages.

If you are in search of a register that not only upholds the highest standards in safety, security, and environmental protection, and yet offers you fiscal and administrative benefits, great freedom in the choice of your crew, and advantages for your work force, it is only natural that you should come to the french international register. You will have the best of both worlds: price and quality. Neither your peace of mind nor your wallet will suffer.

The registration procedures are fast and simple and virtually free of charge. Mortgage fees are drastically reduced.

Concrete advantages of the french international register

Our services

The law office of Jerome Moulet will assist you in your registration proceedings. We are ideally situated in marseilles, the port city in which the french international register's guichet unique is located, and are therefore in a perfect position, both geographically and legally, to aid you with your registration. We are in regular contact with the french international register, and we will use our experience to your advantage. We can explain if your vessel meets the eligibility requirements for registration, what you will need in order to register, and will be of service to you throughout the entire procedure.

We will assist you in the preparation of your application and guide you through each step, the first being an application to reserve a name for your vessel. The following step is to obtain registration as a french vessel, and, depending on whether or not your vessel is newly constructed, and if not, on its previous nationality, the documents to apply will vary. Following registration, the vessel will be equipped with a minimum safe manning, relative to its size and type. You will then be asked to choose a contact at the affaires maritimes. This process can seem imposing, but it is quite simple, even more so when you are assisted by the competent staff of the law office of Jerome Moulet. The many advantages of the french international register are within easy reach. We invite you to seize them.


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